The POLITEHNICA Publishing House wishes to represent an information and education factor by providing services to researchers, teachers, students and the socio-economic environment. The Publishing House supports information and culture performance for both individual development and institution-based training.

The Publishing House will honour its responsibility to promote diversity, talent and real skills. Through its editorial policy with a scientific and cultural impact, as well as through its entire activity, the Publishing House will promote the image of the tutelary university at national and international levels.

Through its technical interface (the Printing House), the Publishing House will be concerned with the development of the material base and the training of the specialized personnel in order to have a responsible, prompt and competent attitude towards the collaborators and to increase its market share through the quality of the products and the services it offers, under the conditions of technical and economic competitiveness and self-financing.

Through its editorial plan and related events, the Publishing House will be a dynamic element on the didactic, scientific and cultural levels, both at the POLITEHNICA University and in the larger circle of the municipality of Timișoara.